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High school students who grow up in the US have heard about community colleges, however most international students have no idea what a community college is. According to CollegeBoard, a community college is defined as “the most common type of two-year college. These colleges offer many types of educational programs, including those that lead to associate degrees and certificates. Certificates and some types of associate degrees focus on career readiness. Other types of associate degrees are good preparation for study at a four-year college where graduates can earn a bachelor’s degree.”

According to Open Doors Data, there were around 28,000  incoming international students at community colleges in 2014. In 2015, the total increased to over 29,000 overseas students. So why are international students choosing to study at a community college, not at an four year institution? Here are the reasons:

  1. Community colleges are cheaper compared to four year institutions.
    With the cost of higher education rising, some students are worried about the cost of attendance. However, community colleges can be 50% cheaper compared to bachelor-granting institutions.
  2. Easier admissions.
    When applying to community colleges, a student will need to provide a school transcript, completed application, application fee, official TOEFL or IELTS score, and financial documents. Most community colleges do not require SAT, ACT, or admissions essays.
  3. Intimate and supportive learning environment.
    The mission of community colleges is to create a pathway for students to successfully transfer to bachelor granting institutions. Therefore, community colleges have small class sizes and offer extensive counseling services for their students.
  4. Flexible credits transfer.
    Courses taken at community colleges are easily transferable to four year institutions. Also, since the cost of attendance is lower, students who are undeclared can take a variety of courses that interests them at a lower tuition fee.

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