• Initial Meeting

    June 5

    Anisa had applied for medicine in her junior year and she wanted to give it another shot in 2015. She finished her A-Level examinations at Concord College, moved back to Singapore and found us!

  • A-Level Results and School List

    July 8

    Anisa got her final A Level results (A*A*A*A) in early July so we started making a preliminary school list based on results – Anisa took AS Biology, which not all schools accept.

  • Internships and Trips

    July 10

    Anisa finalized her plans for a gap year (research assistant in the anesthesiology department at KKH) and planned some short service trips to Vietnam; we also outlined her personal statement.

  • UKCAT Test Preparation

    September 2

    For the next couple of weeks Anisa studied intensively for the UKCAT. On September 2nd she took the UKCAT and score 2900 (90th percentile).

  • Locking in the School List

    September 5

    We finalized the school list based on UKCAT results and BMAT practice test scores (Imperial, Glasgow, King’s, Queen’s Belfast). Next we did a final revision of Anisa’s personal statement and added in the last section about her recent Vietnam trip.

  • College Application

    October 4

    We submitted the UCAS application on October 4th and then Anisa started preparing for the BMAT. November 5th: BMAT date. For the rest of November Anisa was busily occupied with the KKH job, where she works full-time.

  • Interview Preparation

    December 1

    We did interview preparation all through December — beginning with personal questions and working our way through various medical topics and other skills. Since Anisa’s school choices reflect both MMI and panel-style interviews, we were preparing for both.

  • Accepted by Imperial College London

    February 11

    Imperial was Anisa’s top choice and after getting accepted, she withdrew pending applications in other universities.