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Initial Meeting

  • November 21
    Because Asey began so late, our first priority was to ensure the timely completion of her UC essays, which we helped complete by the end of November.

UC Application Completion & Submission

  • November 28
    We submitted the UC applications and moved onto to the other 7 schools we’d discussed – we decided to use a version of a UC essays a starting point for the Common Application essay but still had dozens of supplemental essays to go through.

Essay Editing & Submission

  • December 23
    We worked steadily, taking a break to allow Asey to take the ACT during the first weekend of the month, meeting many times a week to go over and finish the essays for all of the schools Asey was applying to. Her focus was small, liberal arts colleges with a substantial activist presence, so we isolated those and began writing. Because of Asey’s background in creative writing, poetry, and English literature, the essay process went by surprisingly quickly. By Christmas, all of Asey’s essays were submitted and we took a break before beginning interview preparation in January.

Tests and Interviews

  • January 20
    Asey took SAT subject tests in January, to help with some of her applications. In January and February we prepared for her alumni interviews.

Offers Begin Rolling In

  • April 1
    Asey was accepted to several amazing schools, including Brown University.