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Initial Meeting

  • August 13
    Bert was applying to both US and UK colleges. He came in with a halfway edited Common Application essay, so we began with that while also talking about our final list of schools.

The Personal Statement

  • September 1
    After having finalized the Common Application essay, we turned our focus to the personal statement, since Oxbridge’s deadline for Singaporean applicants was mid-September. We finalized the UCAS personal statement by the first week of September.

Interview Preparation

  • December 10
    In early December, Bert completed his 2-year term of National Service (NS), giving us much more time to focus on finalizing the last of the essays and preparing for the Cambridge interview, as well as many of the alumni interviews for colleges.

Accepted to Cambridge

  • March 10
    In January Bert was accepted to Cambridge. After all his results came in Bert flew off to China to take an intensive Chinese language course before beginning university in the fall. He was also accepted to Michigan University and UCLA, so we helped him decide where to attend.