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Initial Meeting

  • June 10
    When Jae came in, we were ecstatic to welcome a very bright and hardworking student. As always, we started by thoroughly discussing his profile and drawing up a detailed timeline. After finishing this, we dove straight into his number one priority: the personal statement.

The Personal Statement

  • June 12
    Jae wanted the perfect personal statement—as well he should. Throughout June and July and even into August, we wrote, edited, rewrote, and perfected his essay until it had gone through over a dozen drafts. In the end, he was proud to have produced a concise, flawlessly composed and meticulously edited essay about his personal experiences on the road to an illustrious medical career.

UKCAT Test Preparation

  • July 24
    Jae had also signed up for our acclaimed UKCAT and BMAT test prep courses, to ensure he was optimally prepared for these important standardised assessments. Any student planning to pursue medicine or dentistry in the UK at the undergraduate level is required to take either the UKCAT or BMAT. Some candidates take both the tests in order to maximize their choice from a larger university pool. Jae managed to achieve a UKCAT score of 3010/3600 while the average was 2505 and the 90th percentile was 2820.

BMAT & Oxford Interview Preparation

  • November 5
    After we perfected his personal statement and submitted his application, Jae focused on his IB exams and, with the help of our trainers, the BMAT. He was very driven and excelled in both, obtaining a BMAT score of 5.9/6.9/3A and a predicted IB score of 44. He soon received his interview offers, including an offer from Oxford. After preparing him for his interviews both individually and through a simulated event, it was all down to waiting.

Accepted to Oxford

  • January 8
    After three interviews at two separate colleges, Jae received a letter of admission to Somerville College, the University of Oxford to study medicine! He notified his other schools that he would not be attending their interviews and set out to do volunteer work as he waited to start his medical studies.