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Initial Meeting

  • July 30
    Ming graduated from St. Joseph’s International in 2013. He signed up with Prep Zone Academy to apply to four schools – NYU Stern, Columbia, Wharton at Penn, and Yale.

Common Application Process

  • September 1
    Ming is a perfectionist, so we drafted his Columbia essays and were quickly satisfied, but we were still unhappy with the Common Application, so we just kept reworking it while moving on to other supplemental essays. In September, we finished Penn and Columbia, and began talking about the possibility of Early Decision/Early Action.

Finalizing Application

  • October 25
    After doing copious research on all of his schools, Ming decided that Columbia was the ideal fit for him and his academic interests and career goals so we decided to apply early at Columbia. End of October, we began thinking about his two remaining applications: Yale and NYU. We were able to finish NYU by November 15th. Because that still gave us one month to finish applications before Christmas break, we decided to add two more schools to his list.

Submission & Alumni Interviews

  • December 1
    By December 10th, we’d largely finished all of the regular decision applications, just in time to discover that Columbia had deferred his application. We then began preparing for alumni interviews. 

Decisions Released

  • March 15
    When decisions rolled around, Ming was accepted to NYU’s Stern School of Business, was given a full scholarship at Yale-NUS here in Singapore (for which he applied alongside Yale), and was ultimately admitted to his first choice, Columbia.