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Initial Meeting

  • June 11
    After taking her 11th grade AP exams in May, we created a list of potential universities based on preliminary eligibility criteria.

UKCAT Test Preparation & Personal Statement

  • September 29
    After preparing thoroughly for the UKCAT with our trainers, Riya took the exam in September. It was now time to finalize her personal statement and draw up a school list based on UKCAT scores. With everything ready a few weeks ahead of time, we submitted her application at the end of September.

Interviews & King’s College Acceptance

  • February 18
    Aside from some initial interview preparation, we spent the bulk of the rest of the year on her US applications. On January 24th Riya had a successful interview at Aberdeen. In February, Riya taught at a kindergarten while we also worked on her MMI preparation for King’s, at which she had an interview on February 18. She was accepted early March, after which we evaluated her offers together. After considering the options, Riya decided that King’s was the medical school for her!