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The cost of a college education varies greatly depending on the country. Since you can find excellent, English-only programs in multiple countries, it’s important to take a look at college costs around the world.

Don’t be fooled by averages

Of course, understand that the above-listed costs are simply tuition averages. What exactly does “tuition” mean?
For example, $585 is the average cost of one year in a French university. Yet, tuition at Sciences Po in France — one of the world’s top schools for politics — is over $10,000 a year!

These numbers also don’t take into the account the price of housing, food or other expenses. Depending on your citizenship and where you decide to attend school, you may be able to work alongside your studies to pay for your room and board. In some places, though, individuals are not allowed to work with a student visa (or can only work part-time jobs on campus, which may not be sufficient to pay the bills).

Never forget about scholarships

As an international applicant, some schools will be more likely to give you scholarships than others. Some of the top U.S. schools for international student financial aid are:

  • Williams College
  • Amherst College
  • Trinity College
  • Stanford University
  • Harvard University
  • Duke University

According to U.S. News data, all 6 of these schools offer an average of over $50,000 in aid to international students. That’s over the price of tuition and fees in all cases. In other words, many international students attend these schools for free. As it turns out, these are also six of America’s most prestigious universities — so good scores will be key if you plan to attend.

Price isn’t everything

Education is much more than just a price tag. After all, no amount of money can account for the quality of an experience.

For example, while New Zealand may appear to be the cheapest option of the English-speaking countries, none of their universities are ranked within the top 100 worldwide. And if you’re planning to go abroad for your education, then you are probably looking for more than just a cheap route to a degree — you’re looking for a life-changing, career-boosting experience.

Look for schools that will be a good fit for you. Whether you are sold on a certain program, internship opportunity, or the chance to live in Canada, your excitement will ultimately factor greatly into your happiness and success in college.


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