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Do you have a good score necessary for your US college application?

US Colleges are some of the most prestigious and competitive universities in the world, with admission rates as low as 2.4%. Getting into these schools will require more than just excellent grades and a well-rounded profile. Anything less than straight As on A-Levels, a 38-39 in the IB, or a 3.7 GPA is a liability.

Applicants are also required to take standardized tests such as the SAT or ACT to be eligible to apply. Out of 1600, the 25th to 75th percentiles of SAT scores are 1460 to 1590 at Harvard, 1420 to 1560 at University of Pennsylvania, and 1420 to 1590 at Yale. Similarly, for the ACT, they are 32 to 35 out of 36 for all the aforementioned universities.

Apart from College consulting services, Prep Zone Academy has a team of dedicated trainers to help our students ace their SAT, ACT & IB to boost their admissions chances.

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