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Discover how mastering coding and AI can give you a unique edge in your college applications. As the world rapidly evolves with advancements in artificial intelligence, students who are proficient in these areas stand out to top colleges and universities.

How can a student showcase their proficiency in emerging technology and their preparedness for the future? Should all students learn to code? Learn AI? Are schools providing enough support? What other resources are available? Join Pulkit Agarwal, Stanford Alumni, Forbes 30 under 30 Lister and CEO of Strive Math, for a one-hour Zoom seminar where these questions and more will be addressed.

Demonstrating that you have the knowledge and skills to not just survive, but thrive in an AI-driven world, can make your college application truly stand out.


  • Presentation on how to stand out in college applications use coding and AI
  • Demonstration of sample projects showcasing students’ use of coding and AI tools
  • Extended Q&A session with Pulkit Agarwal, Stanford Alumni and CEO of Strive Math

Date & Time

  • Date: Saturday, July 13th
  • Time: 3:00 – 4:00 PM (Singapore Time)
  • Location: Online

Speaker Profile

Pulkit Agarwal was featured on Forbes 30 Under 30, and is one of the youngest to graduate from Stanford University with an MBA at the age of 25. In 2015, he graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology. Pulkit has since dedicated himself to making education more joyful and meaningful for students in Singapore. He has helped hundreds of students get into their dream schools and most recently, started a cutting-edge, venture-backed EdTech startup, Strive Math, where they are reimagining coding and STEM education for kids aged 8 to 16.