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Once you’ve stopped celebrating receiving university offers, there are some decisions to be made. Read on to find out how to go about choosing your firm and insurance choices.

  1. Your visit to the university

There’s no better way to decide if you want to study somewhere than visiting. Make sure you attend some form of an open day before selecting your firm and insurance choices. This will give you a good sense of university life. Do you like universities that are at the heart of a city or would you prefer to live on a campus? If you love the outdoors, are there green spaces for you to explore? Are you interested in the culture? Are there great places to live? These are all questions that you should ask yourself when visiting a prospective university. You will be living there for a minimum of three years, so as much as the teaching is important, you also need to truly want to live there.

  1. The league tables for your subject

The league tables will only show you so much because they rank universities across all of their subjects. Instead, look at the tables for your specific subject. Whilst you may want to study at a well-known, prestigious university, this is less important than ensuring that the teaching that you receive in your subject is of the highest quality.

  1. The extra-curricular activities

If you are already passionate about a sport or hobby, then make sure that you can continue this at university. You will be working hard to get your degree, so it is essential that you can also benefit from leisure time.

  1. The type of teaching

Everyone learns in different ways. Some people like lectures in a hall full of people whilst others respond more productively to small seminars. Some students will prefer to be assessed by essay whereas others will thrive in group work and presentations. Look at the module requirements on your prospective university’s website to find out how they are taught and assessed. Whilst there will be some non-negotiables, depending on your subject, you can usually find a course that will work best for you.

  1. The location

You will have started to consider the location when you visited the university, but this decision also requires some reflection and self-awareness. Are you the kind of person who will be happy living away from your family for extended periods of time? If you are not, then you might need to consider universities that are closer to home.

  1. The conditions of your offer

You should be as ambitious as possible when choosing a university, but you still need to be realistic about the conditions of your offer. You need an insurance choice that has slightly lower entry requirements so that you’re guaranteed to have a place. Some universities will consider taking you even if you don’t meet the requirements when you get your results, but you cannot rely on this. Make sure that you have a backup.

Have you considered these six things? Good luck making your decision!

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