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Have you reflected on your race, culture, and society lately? Or, thought about progress or issues related to them? 

We recently reported about The Supreme Court’s June ruling that eliminated the racial quota systems in the USA. But within the decision, Chief Justice John Roberts said that universities could consider an applicant’s views of how race affected their life.

Since the decision, Harvard has come out as one of the first big names announcing a revamped focus on how essays will be used in a direct response to The Supreme Court decision.

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Under Harvard’s new system, “applicants will be required to answer five questions instead of the previous single optional essay.”

In these short essays on various topics, Harvard spokesman Jonathan Palumbo states that “Students will be asked to share how their life experiences, academic achievements, and extracurricular activities have shaped them, and describe their aspirations for the future” in context with complex things like race, culture, and society.

Harvard is not alone, as other leading state research schools like The University of Virginia are offering applicants chances with extra essays to explain their backgrounds and how those experiences will contribute to the school.

Schools that are reacting to the Supreme Court decision feel that these extra essays will give the students the space to demonstrate their unique stories, offering admission officers new ways to evaluate race within admissions. 

As Prep Zone predicted, essays and personal reflections on culture, race, and society will become even more critical in the essay aspect of the US application. At Prep Zone, we pride ourselves on our diverse and international backgrounds with essay mentors that are able to help guide students towards developing their points of view and reflect on their identity to present themselves as the diverse and bridge-making students top schools seek.

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