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SAT, ACT & Ivy League Admissions Webinar

Saturday, 25 July 2020, 2:00PM - 4:00PM (Singapore Time, GMT+8)
This SAT, ACT & Ivy League Admissions Webinar is perfect for Ivy League applicants who are about to start their college application and/or entrance exam preparation. With schools in the Ivy League widely regarded as the best colleges in the U.S., and thus also the hardest to gain admissions to, find out how to stand out from the crowd during this seminar. You will also gain valuable insights on the common mistakes candidates make & best practices for SAT/ACT preparation.

This 2-hour webinar will give you a comprehensive overview on :

  • What to do before diving into test preparation
  • What to expect if you take the SAT or ACT
  • How to improve your chance of getting into an Ivy League program

Reserve a seat and receive actionable pieces of advice from our highly experienced course manager and admissions consultants who have trained hundreds of SAT & ACT candidates to achieve their targeted scores and gain admissions to an Ivy League school.

Free to register & attend. Parents are welcomed to join.

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Webinar Agenda

These following topics will be discussed during the seminar:

  • The general format of SAT & ACT
  • The differences between SAT & ACT
  • The significance of SAT/ACT to your Ivy League application profile
  • What Ivy League admissions committees look out for
  • Everything to know about academic & application requirements
  • The perfect preparation & application timeline
  • How COVID-19 will impact your application
  • Debunking Ivy League myths
  • Profiles of successful applicants
  • Q & A session

 Past Seminar Gallery

The Ivy League Schools

Harvard University

Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard is one of the most renowned and prestigious universities in the world. Every year, Harvard receives applications from the brightest minds from across the globe. The networks and resources available to Harvard students are truly unmatched – from art history classes conducted in one of the university museums among the pieces in question, to fully sponsored internship programs arranged through one of the institutes on campus. Harvard counts 8 U.S. presidents among its hundreds of notable alumni, leading in fields ranging from mathematics to late night comedy. Harvard also has more Division 1 sports than any other school in the country.


With a 5:1 student to teacher ratio, Princeton prides itself on being one of America’s most immersive Ivies for undergraduate academics. Located in Mercer County, New Jersey, Princeton currently employs 26 Nobel laureates as faculty and staff. Princeton’s athletic teams are known as the Tigers, and the school currently sponsors 36 varsity sports. Students at Princeton also enjoy its world-renowned Gothic architecture and beautiful flowering trees all year round as they explore hundreds of clubs and societies on campus.


Known as one of the happiest Ivies, do not mistake Brown University’s easy reputation with easy acceptance – like all Ivies, it has rigorous application requirements. As a result, Brown students are fiercely competitive but graduate with a sense of purpose in doing something for the greater good. On campus, you will find a deep desire to improve inside and outside the classroom, with an atmosphere of active intellectual inquiry. Based in picturesque Providence, Rhode Island, Brown students enjoy visually stunning views and a wide selection of restaurants within walking distance of campus.


While Dartmouth’s academics are deeply intense and competitive like its peer colleges, as the smallest Ivy by class size, they are also personal with plenty of student-teacher interaction. Dartmouth College is based on a trimester system rather than a semester system, which means students take three classes over a period of ten weeks. However, because of its small classroom size, students are able to conduct more research with their professors and are able to receive more ‘real-life’ work experiences before they even graduate. Located in Hanover, New Hampshire, Dartmouth college students enjoy all four seasons and are able to explore hundreds of extracurricular activities on campus, including its famous Greek life.


Located in Ithaca in upstate New York, Cornell University students are frequently sighted wearing “Ithaca is Gorges” t-shirts, referencing the town’s abundant gorges. While the location is beautiful, it does not detract from Cornell’s stellar academics. Affiliated with 41 Nobel laureates, Cornell maintains a community of brilliant faculty members that students often study under and frequently conduct research with on a daily basis. Students explore their passions on and off campus: from Cornell Racing and Cornell Silicon Valley to Cornell Hollywood, the campus encourages students to participate in over 800+ clubs and societies. There’s also a class on almost everything under the sun – from Ethics of Eating to running a casino – Cornell has it all.


Famous for its rigorous academics and its bustling New York City location, Columbia University provides a learning environment for its students distinct from the more isolated Ivies. Using the City’s vast resources coupled with its international and diverse student and faculty, Columbia has one of America’s most interactive academic experiences. With over 80 fields of study, students often find themselves being taught by Oscar winners, Presidents of major corporations, and leaders in the finance sector. After classes, students can unwind and explore the various events as they happen on or off campus. Aside from its academics, Columbia is home to two Baseball Hall of Famers, and its classrooms frequently make rounds in Hollywood movies. Columbia’s Lion mascot, in fact, was the inspiration behind the famous MGM lion!


New Haven, Connecticut, is a young town where almost everyone is either a student or a teacher. Yale University students often find themselves surrounded by other highly intelligent and driven individuals, pursuing various endeavors with ferocity. Yale is known for its collaborative community, with Yale classrooms have some of the most encouraging professors. Students often kickstart their business ventures by their second year and many of their students are employed before they even graduate. There is no one type of Yale student, as Yale stays true to its values of maintaining a diverse student community in background, interests, and ambition. Its extracurricular activities reflect its diversity, and students describe the opportunities as a “bazaar of options.”


The University of Pennsylvania has some of the best academics globally. Known for its business programs, Wharton School of Business is consistently ranked as the best B-school in the country, and one of the few top US schools to offer business as a major at the undergraduate level. While students often find themselves immersed in their studies in Penn’s beautiful domed library, they may explore Philadelphia’s exciting city life over the weekend. In order to maintain a high standard of academic excellence, Penn has a very selective application process, accepting less than ten percent of applications. As a result, students at Penn are extremely drive, intelligent, and ambitious, while keeping up with the most difficult of curves in areas such as STEM.