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Let’s cut to the chase – 2020 has been bleak so far. The virus has affected almost everyone directly or indirectly and impacted every industry in the world right now. With many students out of school, parents are concerned for their child’s learning in the current environment.

With college and university applications coming up later this year, students have a plethora of opportunities available online to help build their resumes, portfolios, and brush up on their e-learning.

How To Continue Learning

  1. If you’re interested in applying to a college or university this Fall and want a deeper understanding of your intended major, here are 450 Ivy League courses you can now take online for free. Whether you’re interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Humanities, Business, or the Arts, this website helps break down categories to make it easier for students to browse classes according to interest. Coursera also offers many more courses online from universities across the globe.
  2. Most top-tier colleges require the SAT/ACT. At Prep Zone Academy, we provide a number of resources to continue practicing for both tests, as well as tailor-made classes. If you have any questions about testing, drop us a message!
  3. Want to practice your interview-giving skills or interested in having a meeting to discuss your educational career? We’re moving things online for the next few weeks. Feel free to write to us at to schedule a Skype/Zoom call with us. We can offer writing resources, guidance on finding the right school list, advice about financial aid and scholarships, and much more.

How To Build Your Profile

Most schools have now canceled all extracurricular and co-curricular activities for the foreseeable future. This should not impact you if you continue to know where to look! The next few tips should help keep you on track to continue working toward your academic journey.
  1. Volunteer and social work canceled? Try offering tutoring online to help others. Whether you’re a pro at Chemistry or English Literature, help your friends and peers by offering free tutoring sessions by using some of the various online resources like Skype, Zoom, or even WhatsApp or Houseparty! With Zoom, you can even record your meetings to share with others and create content to help yourself a handy portfolio.
  2. Unable to showcase ‘demonstrated interest’ in the field of your choice? Websites like Instructables allow you to search for a subject, a project, or DIY instructions to help you work on thousands of things. For example, if you are interested in Biomedical Engineering, Instructables will help get you started on simpler projects like constructing a prosthetic limb using just ice cream sticks to more advanced projects that require more in-depth knowledge. You and your friends can work online together too, or you can involve your family on a weekend project. Remember to keep a record of all your work! This is a great way to help build your profile.
  3. Offer your creative talent on social media. Content-churning apps like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok are not just to waste your precious time! Use them wisely by offering your talent by teaching your contacts a skill. Play the guitar? Go ‘live’ on Instagram and start giving classes. Whether you’re a dancer, a musician, or a thespian, the options to teach e-learning on social media are endless.
  4. There are hundreds of online temporary job offerings looking to hire editorial assistants. If you feel you fit the bill, start browsing freelance positions by visiting job sites online. The options are limitless!
  5. Attend a virtual college event! Hundreds of colleges offer virtual events to help get a feel of what college life is like – and have your questions answered about dorms, classes, student-teacher ratio, and much more. Get started here.

Remember to keep track of all your work and effort. If you’re a visual artist, create an online portfolio using SlideRoom. Are you a coder? Create a website! If you’re budding entrepreneur, start a small online business. If you need help figuring out your path, feel free to write to us at to get started.

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