Multiple Mini Interview (MMI)

An entry requirement for undergraduate health programs

Multiple Mini Interview, as the name implies, is a succession of multiple interviews an applicant has to go through. If you’re an applicant to any kind of health program in Singapore, UK or Australia, whether medicine, nursing, dentistry, or veterinary science, you’re probably going to go through MMI.

In each mini interview, you’ll be challenged with a task or with answering a question. A mini interview may last anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. Depending on the school, you may go through as little as three, or up to twelve mini interviews in succession.

Prep Zone Academy’s Scheduled MMI Simulations

  • Dates:  Jan 5th, Jan 19th
  • Cost: SGD 500 for 1 session, SGD 800 for 2 sessions
  • Time: 10:00am-12:00noon
  • Location: Rochester Mall
  • Address: 35 Rochester Drive, Rochester Mall #02-05, Singapore 138639

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What to expect during the MMI Simulation?

The MMI format, as opposed to a traditional interview, is very difficult to prepare for on your own. You may have to switch gears very rapidly, going from reflecting on your abilities to become a doctor in one mini interview to calming an angry “patient” (an actor pretending to be one) in another.

For this reason, Prep Zone offers full-length MMI simulations during interview season (November through March). Participants at Prep Zone’s simulations receive a comprehensive report with feedback on each of their mini interviews to help applicants target areas of weaknesses, which they can refine through sessions with one of Prep Zone’s experienced medical school admissions consultants.

This MMI Simulation consists of:

  • 2 hours consisting of a short orientation, 5-6 question stations
  • Introduction to the interview format
  • Practice question set
  • Interactive simulation
  • Max. 12 candidates per simulation