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Past Seminar

   Oxbridge & Imperial Admissions Seminar

Getting into your dream medical school

Medical School admissions is an arduous process for everyone, which makes applying to top schools such as Oxford, Cambridge, or Imperial College London appear next to impossible. These are respectively #1, #3 and #4 best medical schools in the world, which makes admission tough. Come down to Prep Zone and speak with medical admissions consultants who worked with successful applicants to these competitive schools.

If you are starting to think about medical school and are in year 11 or younger –the seminar is meant for you. Applicants getting ready to apply in this cycle are also encouraged to join in. The seminar will be headed by our experienced admissions consultants and will shed a light on:

  • What Oxbridge & Imperial Admissions Committees look out for
  • Academic & Extracurricular Requirements
  • Writing a successful Oxbridge & Imperial Personal Statement
  • Profiles of Successful Applicants
  • BMAT Test Preparation & Application Timeline
  • Q & A

Seminar Speakers

Simonas Bartulis

Simonas majored in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics in Yale-NUS College, Singapore, but also has a penchant for Anthropology and Sociology. Over the past four years, he tried out journalism, academic research, public policy and work in education, and lived in various countries such as Lithuania, Georgia, the US, and Singapore. While in college, Simonas dedicated a lot of his time to competitive debating and teaching debate in his home country of Lithuania. As the coach of the national team, Simonas also advised and mentored many students on their applications to US and UK universities.

Christina Ward

Christy earned her BA in East Asian Studies from Harvard and was a member of the second graduating class from UC Irvine School of Law, the newest law school to rank in the top 25. Having counseled start-ups on both legal and business matters, she now enjoys helping people strategize the best ways to reach their goals. Her diverse experiences include a law clinical with the UN offices in Geneva, interning at a trade organization in Tokyo, and managing rock bands touring the US. Prior to coming to Prep Zone, Christy practiced securities litigation at a Manhattan-based corporate law firm. She has helped applicants secure admission to Harvard, Stanford, INSEAD, and many other competitive programs.

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Notable UK Medical Schools

University of Oxford
  • Grades: A*AA in A Levels or 39+ in the IB with 766 HL
  • Standardized Testing: BMAT
  • Ranking: #1

Oxford is currently the best place in the world to study medicine. With its impeccable reputation overall, Oxford has great clinical, research experiences to offer along with a very rigorous programme academically. They require students to study Chemistry and one more science, with all As or 40+ in IB. Applicants will have to take their BMAT to apply.

University of Cambridge
  • Grades: A*A*A in A Levels or 40-42 in IB with 776 HL
  • Standardized Testing: BMAT
  • Ranking: #3

Cambridge is one of the top schools in the world for most subjects, but in medicine it is a clear standout – it is ranked 3rd. The university is able to offer a competitive programme that is resource and research rich. Students are asked to have completed their Chemistry and another science coursework completed, achieving A*s or at least 40 in the IB.

Imperial College London
  • Grades: AAA in A Levels or 38+ in IB
  • Standardized Testing: BMAT
  • Ranking: #4

Imperial is a world-renowned institution for the study of sciences, and medicine is no exception. Ranked 4th in the world, Imperial offers vast resources to medical school students, along with the ability to study, shadow, and work in the great city of London. Students have to excel both in their Chemistry and Biology subjects, achieving all As or 39 in their IB. The BMAT is required as well.