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Hopefully you’ll be accepted to every school you apply to, but you might also receive a few rejections. If you applied mostly to top-notch Ivy Leagues, then you are very likely to get rejected. This can be hard to accept, and telling your friends and family the bad news can be a challenge.

Initially, you may be asking yourself if you even have to tell them at all! However, if you’ve been raving about how you’re certain to get your degree from Harvard, then it’s probably impossible to keep it a secret.

Here are a 5 tips to keep in mind:

1. Be humble.

There’s no need to give excuses for your rejection, and it’s okay to show your disappointment. Explain that you tried your best. If you’re feeling truly down, don’t be afraid to ask for support.

2. Don’t take it personally.

It’s pretty difficult to get into a school that only accepts 5% of applicants, as is the case for many Ivy League schools. Getting rejected doesn’t mean that you’re an utter failure. In fact, you’re probably a great applicant for many schools! You just have to figure out which ones.

Furthermore, rejection can be a positive thing. If a school refuses your application, take it as a sign that you weren’t meant to go there anyways.

3. Manage your stress.

It might help you to talk about your rejection with a friend who can understand. Exercise can also be a great way to relieve stress. If your parents are really upset, give them time to process this new information.

Disappointment is a part of life, and your life will go on. Turn off your negative inner voice, breathe, and give yourself a break.

4. Focus on a different school.

Read up on other schools on your list. Find out about on-campus opportunities or look up beautiful pictures of the campuses. When you show excitement for a school, your friends and parents will follow suit.

See what’s on the horizon as an opportunity.

5. Give yourself time.

Nothing stings like rejection. Over time, though, you will get over it. Take a day or two to relax. Once you are well-rested and feeling strong again, you can tackle the next step in the college application process.



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