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You’ve got a problem- college is expensive. As an international student, financial aid is scarce and even applying for it could hurt your chances at many schools. You could get a loan, but then you may be forced to pay it off for the next several decades.

Solution? Scholarships. While scholarships require a little work usually in the form of an essay or two, they can pay off. Scholarships can grant you thousands of dollars towards your education, without requiring you to ever pay them back. Here are various scholarships open to international students:

Name: Brokerfish

Reward: 1000USD

Application: Write an essay entitled: “The importance of International Health Insurance for Expatriates” between 500-1000 words and include a photo that illustrates your main point.


Name: GotChosen

Reward: 5000USD

Application: A participant must have at least one post with a minimum of 10 upvotes.


Name: CollegeWeek Live

Reward: 1000USD

Application: Applicants must login and participate in a CollegeWeekLive virtual event held between the first and last day of the month by no later than the last day of any given month at 11:59 PM EST to be eligible for that month’s scholarship. Participation requires visiting at least 5 college pages.


Name: Prompt

Reward: 2000USD, 10000USD

Application: A college admissions essay or some other form of personal statement


Name: International College Counselors Scholarship

Reward: 250USD

Application: What are three things you have learned or hope to learn during your high school career? Essays must not exceed 500 words.


Name: Out of the Box Thinking Scholarship

Reward: 500-1500USD

Application: Write an essay that is a pitch or summary about a pet innovation idea.

Should include the following: the idea, why the product is needed, the target market, the marketing strategy, the retail strategy, and anything else that will help sell the idea.


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