International, and in Need: Financial Aid for International Students in the US

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Applying to US Colleges, be it private or public, can be a nerve-wracking ordeal because it is high-stakes and time-consuming. More importantly, choosing a university in the US can be stressful because tuition costs are extremely high. While US citizens are often eligible for many funding schemes should their families prove unable to bear such costs, international students who need …

The Master of Business Administration: What is an MBA?

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What is an MBA? The MBA, or Master of Business Administration, is a prestigious postgraduate qualification that is highly respected by employers globally. Yet, it does not only hold currency within business. Rather, its value is recognised in government, public sector work, and in academia. As one of the world’s most popular master’s programs, the MBA comes in different forms. …

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The IELTS: English Language Requirements for International Students

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What is the IELTS? The IELTS – or the International English Language Testing System – is an examination to measure English proficiency for the purposes of study, work, or migration to an English-speaking country. Whilst the test comes in two formats – the Academic and the General Training – the most common is the Academic, which most universities recognise in …

The Common Curriculum: What You Need to Know

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One benefit of entering US universities is that often students are allowed to dabble in a great variety of subjects before choosing their major. Some schools, in addition to that, have a system which requires students to take a number of pre-set courses regardless of what field they want to get in to. The system is called the core curriculum …

How to Get Admission to Undergraduate Medicine Courses in Australia in 2019

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Yes, it’s 2019 I am talking about. And that too about undergraduate medicine courses in Australia. Many Australian universities like University of Adelaide and University of New South Wales offer 6-year programs that confer the degree of MBBS or BMedSc. Courses in Australian universities start in February-March. Students generally start preparing for application a year in advance. Now is the …

Studying English at Oxford and Cambridge

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Why Oxford and Cambridge? The programs in English at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge have, over the last three years, consistently ranked the top two in the world. Naming among their alumni some of history’s most famous writers, as well as hosting some of the most prestigious professors in the field, these universities offer unrivaled opportunities to study literature …

Transfering Credits from Community Colleges

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You’ve worked hard to earn credits at your local community college and now you’re ready to start applying to four-year universities. You’ve saved some money earning credits at a community college before spending a lot more per credit at a four-year school, but will all of your credits transfer?  Here are some tips on how to have the process run smoothly.  …

Top 5 Entrepreneurship Colleges in US

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Vince Lombardi, the famed American football coach said, Leaders are made, not born. Entrepreneurship programs across the globe aim to train and groom business leaders to build and sustain a successful company. You would do well to enrol in one of these top entrepreneurship programs that empower you to be the future CEOs, founders and directors. Babson College, Wellesley, MA …

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6 things to consider when making your firm and insurance choices


Once you’ve stopped celebrating receiving university offers, there are some decisions to be made. Read on to find out how to go about choosing your firm and insurance choices. Your visit to the university There’s no better way to decide if you want to study somewhere than visiting. Make sure you attend some form of an open day before selecting …

Deferred Admission: Why and How

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The average high school student typically plans to attend college after graduating high school. But for various reasons, some students do a “gap year” that is, take time off between their high school graduation date and subsequent enrollment in college. Reasons for deferring college entrance may include age (some programs, such as medicine in the United Kingdom do not matriculate students who …

What’s an MMI?

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If you’re an applicant to any kind of health program, whether it be medicine, nursing, dentistry, or veterinary science, you’re probably going to encounter the term ‘MMI.’ What’s an MMI anyway? MMI stands for Multiple Mini Interview, which as the name implies, means that you will go through a succession of multiple interviews. In each mini interview, you’ll be challenged …

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Student-Faculty Ratio? Yes! It’s Essential

Maija Blog

Spend enough time looking for the perfect college, and you’ll start to feel bombarded by facts and figures: The graduation rate. The post-graduation employment rate. The number of students. The number of majors. The rankings. The cost. One of the numbers that you’ll definitely want to pay attention to is the student-faculty ratio. Here’s why: The student-faculty ratio tells you how …

Top 5 reasons to study in Canada

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International students who apply to American higher education institutions might want to consider applying to Canadian universities as well. Higher education institutions in Canada have a later deadline compared to the US, earliest starting from January while the majority is due in March. Here are the top 5 reasons to study in Canada: Multicultural society Canadians are well known for …

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The World’s Best College

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Do you know what the world’s best college is? Is the best college Harvard? Stanford? MIT? In fact, the answer lies in reframing the question: the best college for what?!? Is it a school that very few students are able to get into? Or a school that many fail out of? As a senior in high school, you may not have taken a …

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Ace the Interview: Talking about Yourself

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One of the topics you can be sure to discuss in your college interview is yourself. Talking about yourself might sound easy, but in fact it can be quite difficult. Here are a few tips to decode the questions and make sure you are prepared: “So, tell us about yourself…” Often the interviewer will ask you just to talk a bit about yourself. …

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Rejected? 5 Steps to Break the News

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Hopefully you’ll be accepted to every school you apply to, but you might also receive a few rejections. If you applied mostly to top-notch Ivy Leagues, then you are very likely to get rejected. This can be hard to accept, and telling your friends and family the bad news can be a challenge. Initially, you may be asking yourself if you …

How to prepare for the alumni interview

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US universities have increasingly adopted the admissions interview in their application process. All the ivy league institutions have alumni interview programs. However, 7 of the 8 universities only recommend prospective students to interview with their alumni. Since the alumni groups may not be able to accommodate all prospective students, the schools do not make the interviews a requirement. Cornell is …

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5 things NOT to include in your college essay

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Your college essay should be open and honest. With that in mind, almost any story can be appropriate to include in your college essay if it helps to explain your motivations. Maybe a great teacher turned you on to psychology, or a good book made you decide to study English. You may also have been motivated by something less positive. For …

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Want to graduate early? Take a CLEP test.

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Maybe you didn’t have AP/IB class options in high school. But that doesn’t mean you didn’t have really good teachers, and it certainly doesn’t mean you didn’t master some concepts at a college level. Maybe you learned a skill outside of school. Perhaps you learned some French at home, or by spending summers in Paris. Maybe you read up on macroeconomics in …

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What does a good teacher recommendation look like?

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Many universities ask for teacher recommendations along with the essays and test scores that accompany your college application. So, you may be asking yourself — what is a teacher recommendation? And what does a good one look like? If you went to school in a country where teachers are accustomed to writing recommendations, the solution is simple. All you have …