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With acceptance rate in the 5 – 15% range, great academic credentials and test scores are not sufficient anymore to secure admissions offers at Ivy Leagues, and other top US universities. As a matter of fact, did you know that ~70% of students with perfect SAT scores applying to Stanford are rejected each year?

Join us for this one-hour supercharged webinar to learn more about Student Branding and Strategic Planning for standing out in the college application process. Just as companies cultivate their brand identities, students need to strategically craft their personal brands that encapsulate their values, passions, experiences, and aspirations.

Webinar Agenda

During this webinar, we will share:
  • How to structure your extracurricular activities and the importance of the capstone project
  • How to develop a student brand
  • How to translate your brand into an impactful narrative

Webinar Details

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Your Host

Tyler J.

College Admissions Expert

Tyler attended the University of Minnesota, where he later worked as an interactive technology grant-funded researcher for three years after graduation. While living in Asia for 12 years, he has worked at Prince of Songkla University in Thailand, helping non-native English-speaking professors publish abroad while teaching academic writing and citation courses.

Meanwhile, he collaborated with startups in Shenzhen and Shanghai, working on college applications for eight years. To support his students, he explored creative nonfiction writing within courses at UCLA to gain an academic understanding of personal essays. He has mentored students to get accepted to top schools like Cornell, Penn, Columbia, JHU, Duke, Vanderbilt, Cambridge, Oxford, London Business School, Emory, Rice, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, NYU, USC, BU, Harvard, and The University of Chicago.

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