Transfering Credits from Community Colleges

You’ve worked hard to earn credits at your local community college and now you’re ready to start applying to four-year universities. You’ve saved some money earning credits at a community college before spending a lot more per credit at a four-year school, but will all of your credits transfer?  Here are some tips on how to have the process run smoothly. 

Get Informed If you know you want to pursue a bachelor degree after graduating from community college set a plan before you leave. Talk to your counselor and meet with transfer advisors from four-year colleges you want to attend afterwards. College level courses are usually worth up to 3 credits and credits are awarded based on the type of course you took and your grade in the class. 

Students tend to loose a lot of credit when transferring to four-year colleges. Why?

Sometimes students have to re-take high school level courses before taking the same course at the college level. These credits won’t count.  Sometimes universities don’t accept credits from certain areas, disciplines or schools at all! If you are well informed about the credit requirements of the college you want to attend your transition will be smoother. 

Select your classes wisely Make sure the credit is good for your future college. Only 58% of all students actually get all their credits validated after transferring. Loosing credit is a waste of time and money and it can deeply influence your academic performance after transferring. Research online what credits will be accepted and talk to admissions officers at the 4 year colleges you want to attend.  Give examples of classes you’ve taken or plan to take.  Ask for their advice about which courses are best for transferring credits. 

Choose colleges that can work together Transferring within the same state is always easier. Some states like Wyoming, Delaware, California, Washington and Rhode Island have taken action to make this process easier for student. These states have created programs that will facilitate the transfer of credits, making sure you can use most, if not all your credits. These partnerships will make your journey as seemly as possible. 

Choose a community college that has a strong program that is focused on transferring credits to a 4 year university. Such programs will grant you the necessary assistance to make the most of your credits and join the four-year college as a junior.


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