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Law & Pre-Law Programs

UK Law programs are attractive to students who want to practice as soon as they graduate with their undergraduate degree. Therefore, UK law schools receive thousands of applications and it is becoming competitive to gain admissions. Students who receive admission have top marks, various attachments or volunteer experiences, and a well written personal statement. With more than 10 years of experience, has helped students get accepted into various top law programs in the UK.

In our Comprehensive Admissions Consulting package, we offer unlimited consultation hours. Just as the name suggests, our assistance covers the application process start-to-finish: shortlisting schools, advice on school transcript, reference letter and financial documents, assistance with profile building activities such as attachments or extracurriculars, brainstorming and strategy for the personal statement, feedback and editing of personal statement, submission assistance and interview preparation. For school shortlisting, we take into account your LNAT score and secondary school grades to create a matrix of safety, target, and reach schools. Since attachments are crucial for students applying to medicine, we guide students on attachment opportunities based on the students’ preferences. We also brainstorm and assist in perfecting the personal statement to make sure that the student showcases its personal brand. For interview preparation, we conduct one-on-one, monthly MMIs, and panel interviews.

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