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UK Medical School Admissions Consultation

Preparing for a medical degree in the UK

Every year, only 7% of UK’s medicine cohort are international applicants. Anyone aiming for a spot will needs all the preparation they can get – top UKCAT/BMAT scores, GPA, additional attachments, personal statement, interviews, etc.

At Prep Zone Academy™, we have worked with hundreds of students over the years to help them manage this arduous preparation process.  Our dedicated consultants will walk with you from start-to-finish: shortlisting schools, providing advice on school transcript, reference letter and financial documents, assisting with profile building activities such as attachments or extracurriculars, brainstorming and reviewing of the personal statement, preparing UCAS submission and subsequent interview.

If you are looking to increase your chance to get into a UK medical school, we are here to help.

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For any urgent inquiries, call our office at +65 6812 9999


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