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Are you preparing for the SAT or ACT and/or applying to US colleges? You’re going to love this seminar!

It’s no secret that admission to the most prestigious US colleges like Harvard, Yale, MIT and Stanford is notoriously difficult. You will need a perfect GPA, a stellar application and most importantly, a unique profile that stands out from the crowd.

During this seminar, Prep Zone’s team of expert US college consultants will walk you through the whole application process, examining each component that contributes to your application. We will also provide you with various insights into our past applicants, as well as alert you to pitfalls that could negatively impact your chances of success.

Reserve your seat today and get into the school of your dreams! You are welcome to bring your parents along.

Date & Time

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  • US College Admissions Timeline & Requirements
  • Building The Best College Application Profile
  • Profiles Of Successful Applicants
  • Best Ways To Prepare For SAT & ACT
  • SAT & ACT Test Preparation Timeline
  • Q/A

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