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Seminar: How To Get Into The Best US Engineering Programs

Getting Into Top US Engineering Programs | Prep Zone Academy

Recommended Attendees: Grade 10, 11 (or JC 1/2, IB Year 1/2, NS) students & parents

This seminar is best for: students in Grade 10, 11 (or JC 1/2, IB Year 1/2, NS)

Engineering continues to be a popular target program among incoming university students. The US has some of the top schools in this area, such as: Stanford, MIT, Cal Tech, Princeton, and Cornell to UC Berkeley, Georgia Tech, Purdue, Michigan, Carnegie Mellon, and Harvey Mudd. And the list goes on!

While these programs are popular among international students, they are also very difficult for international applicants, especially from Singapore.

Join Prep Zone Academy’s expert university consultants in this free seminar, where we will provide information on:

  • Which programs you should shortlist
  • What these top US programs are looking for
  • The best practices & tips to improve your chance of securing admissions
  • and much more!

This seminar is free to sign-up & attend

Date & Time

  • Date: –
  • Time: –
  • Location: Online


  • Overview of top US Engineering programs
  • How to shortlist the right programs
  • Break-down of a standard application process and how to maximise your chance for each stage
    • Application profile preparation
    • Essay preparation
    • Interview preparation
  • About the SAT and its importance to your application
  • Learn from the success stories: profiles of successful applicants
  • Q/A


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